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underglazes suck! (no, underglazes rock!)

updated thu 26 sep 02


Snail Scott on wed 25 sep 02

At 07:27 PM 9/24/02 -0400, you wrote:
>I put a zillion layers of underglaze and STILL have brushstrokes in the
finished pieces, places where I overlapped 2 colors look horrific. The
stuff just does not FLOW - it's thick and clumpy even when I add water.

There are many, many types of underglazes, even among
the commercial products. Some are quite opaque, some
are semi-transparent, some are more color-true, etc.
Are you saying that yours are too thin in color/ not
covering well?

I have had the best results (in terms of coverage)
from Amaco's 'LUG' line. More expensive than some,
but that's what you're paying for; that and color
stability. Duncan's 'Cover-Coat' is also not bad,
and there are other good ones too, including the
'Coyote' underglazes.

To inprove flow for brushing, try adding glycerine.
And wet your bisque before applying the underglaze;
you may not need the glycerine if you do.

Reno NV