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updated thu 26 sep 02


Elca Branman on wed 25 sep 02

The best thing about those of us who do not believe in censorship, is
that we do not believe in censoring the would be censors.

Often the ACLU sends one of their lawyerrs to defend some of the most
disgusting enemies of democracy, racists, demigogues, neo nazis,rabid
abortion foes, etc., and while i cringe at the idea of my good money
going for their defense. I know that in a democracy you must allow those
who hate it most to exercise THEIR democratic rights; there is no such
thing as freedom without including freedom to disagree.

Having said all that, I also note that there are also philosophic
differences among those of us with feelings about the Fischl work. There
are no rights or wrongs about that either; some of us believe in facing
pain one way;others deal with it differently, and our personal choices
may not be universal, but just that, personal. However, censorship is
censorship, and if you don't like Fischl, Maplethorpe,
Kiefer,Kinckade(aaaarrrgh), don't look, tell your friends not too look,
but don't insist that it be hidden from everyone's view.If you are a
vegetarian, don't throw blankets over Soutine's paintings.keep your
figleafs off David..

No art is more equal than other, to paraphrase Animal Farm..

Now there was ONE cynical assumption which may be more revealing of the
author than intended.
While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is the projection that
fame and money are the reasons this art was made.

Simply untrue.

There are people in this world who feel strongly and use their talents to
express their concerns, beliefs, dedication, committment.
Indeed, often the difference between art and decorative art is the
passionate conviction of the maker. Thewre's both bad and good art made
as propaganda, but there is only bad art made in the search for money and
famne. We would all love money and fame probably, but God knows its the
least of what propells us to make art.

Off the soapbox and into the shower...

Elca ,in Sarasota

Elca Branman,in Sarasota Florida

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