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updated thu 26 sep 02


Potter Wagoner on wed 25 sep 02


I think the October edition of Ceramics monthly is outstanding. What
wonderful pictures and all the different articles. The cone 6 Ash glaze
article is so good. I am going to put a fresh coat of kiln wash on my
worst old shelves and try some of those out. Don' tell my wife the
"other potter"..she thinks we already have too many glaze buckets as it
is..hmmmm, she is right. ( I heard what Mel said about four or five
buckets and Richard Peeler agreed.but I can't help myself.) So many
glazes so little time. Although, when I spent an evening with Karl
Martz, after a Peeler opening in Bloomington, it was like I found a
kindred spirit. We talked about glazes for hours. At one point he said
that he thought maybe he made pots so he would have something to glaze.
Some of Karl's "test pots" were wonderful forms and of course I am just
poking fun at myself too. In this case the means justified the end

Potter Wagoner
..and the potter said unto the clay, "Be ware"

Ababi on wed 25 sep 02

Yes it is true I just got it two days ago,oh, sorry September's but it is a WOW too...
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>I think the October edition of Ceramics monthly is outstanding.