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pornography and art, a class

updated wed 25 sep 02


Chris Stanley on tue 24 sep 02

It is easy to debate without any background. Let's all get on the same page
and see what we can learn.
Here is a class from UCSD that is all about Sexual Explicit Art. Be
forewarned this is not a thing for the faint of heart. Learning about
things like the Karma Sutra can really mess you up if you are not ready to
be exposed to them. (This is the syllabus)
The bottom of the page has a link that is broken:) the link that is broken:)
is listed below. (These are the
images) See other links at the bottom
Now, we are suspicious that the class is not a distance education course,
but one that is actually taught in the classroom. No matter, I am impressed
with its scope and the idea that art in all forms has existed and will
continue to exist and our little opinions will be forgotten and lost to
history at some point. The syllabus has not been updated. The cat probably
got tarred and feathered and sent to (hell, where would they send you after
you get kicked out of California anyway?) Idaho?

There is a small section on those nasty Greek pots with the dirty pictures
painted on them.

I hope you are as amazed as I am at this course! Albeit, I would love to
teach something like this, but in Texas there is no mention of fornication
in education unless the situation is about the propagation of more little
children with no imaginations as mandated by the current legislation:)