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finding a testing lab / safety of woo

updated wed 25 sep 02


karen gringhuis on tue 24 sep 02

In discussing Woo glaze and the testing thereof, Ababi

>The different between you and me is that I live in
lovely kibbutz Shoval and you live in

>Sometimes, it comes to my mind to send a recipe to
Alfred. I cannot afford it. I can assure you it if I
will do it, I will not do it with such a glaze!<

First, testing a glaze has little to do with where one
lives. It simply takes a bit of effort. A google
turned up 39,700 listings - 2,920 of which have some
connection to Israel. Using ones local yellow pages
for business would be faster but you get my point.

Ababi, if you can't find a lab near you, contact the
Standards Institution of Israel in Tel Aviv e- mail
iso/ They might be able to guide
you. However these labs test FIRED WORK which,
depending on testing method, they must be allowed to
break -- NOT recipes.

Second, Woo was formulated as a C/9-10 glaze and was
never intended for C/6.

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