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n.y. sculpture / craft provacation

updated tue 24 sep 02


Pat Southwood on mon 23 sep 02

Marie wrote,

.......wonder if this is the crux of the difference between Art and
Craft......Art, be it good bad or ugly provokes.....

Maybe it does, but lets see/hear about some provocative (using the word
carefully) crafts ?
I saw a dress made recently, and sewn into it as a decorative feature were
all the painkillers a woman would have to take whilst on the waiting list
for her hip operation.............
I'm still trying to think of some ceramic examples, Grayson Perry maybe ?
George Ohr ?
Best Wishes.

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From: "Marie Gibbons"
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> I risk to combine threads here... and can't help but wonder, is this maybe
> the crux of the difference between Art and Craft? Art, be it good, bad,
> ugly, provokes...
> marie gibbons
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