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a little company with a big talent

updated mon 23 sep 02


Bill Edwards on sun 22 sep 02


Personally I believe the art work is beautiful and
highly detailed both in a physical sense and in a
spiritual sense.

An over active imagination could turn a child nursing
its mother into a pornographic image should a person
allow themselves that. I do believe pornographic is
way, way too strong a word for this form of art.

What about the dad and the child, the Goddesses, the
reality of mastectomy and the ability of that piece of
art to bring out what happiness is left after such
radical procedures to remove carcinoma. The only way
to know it would be to see it, and seeing it through
art is a much better vision for me than seeing it any
other way. It shows imperfection, a young woman and an
over weight woman who has survived to laugh once more
with a younger version of what might be considered
herself, or a daughter or friend.

Much applaud to this artist. It is all wonderfully
done and in good taste in my opinion!

William E.


Bill Edwards
PO Box 267
Lafayette, AL, 36862

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