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updated sun 22 sep 02


Philip Poburka on sat 21 sep 02

curious or 'popular' attractions, or disattractions...

Old "Bob Stupak" here in sunny Las Vegas...who was the mogul
of 'Vegas World' for so which concern latterly
became the
'Stratosphere Tower' of note and fame...

...wanted to 'build' a Casino based on the theme of the

There being Casinos as have Volcanos as erupt on the
hour...and 'Pirate' ship battles as occur similarly in timed
sucession...themes of famous 'cities' as Venice and Paris
and all...(One of my 'proposals'...was to 'do' a theme of -
just for the hell of it - ahem, "Las Vegas"...)
as have their integrated allusions, symbols and likeness in
the decor and details...

His 'Titanic' was reputed to be intended to 'sink'...

I submitted a rough-draft-proposal to some developers that
memorable Zepplin 'Hindenberg' disaster should not be
overlooked some cyclic recreation as may amuse
or may be potential 'Casino' or 'resort'
material to do...

Or the or the 'Galviston-flood' mishap of
nineteen-ought-something? another good-'un...(tougher
to 'do' though...all that 'Water' and all...not like an
'Aerial' spectacle...)

Or for 'investors' as may prefer something more 'low-tec',
maybe one of the 'Great-Plagues'!...with the requisite
('auotmatronic') 'Rats'
hopping about (or such as they may...) in the disarming
likeness of their
fever'd, matted 'damp' of furr...or more so,
as well, the 'Lice' of them...if 'Typhus' it should be...and
why not?

Typhus...was a 'good one'...

...shuddering and teetering 'players' shuffling about in
rags and all...the 'right' music...some of them laying about
in the throes (till 'break-time' - and told curtly, 'bored'
or not, "NO checking those 'digital' watches
now!")...'Carts' piled high, with no one left to haul off
the succumbed...could be pretty compelling!
Have a 'midoeval' decor...various germaine symbols on the
slot-Machine 'reels'...three flesh-tattered 'skulls' is a
'free-replay'...and so on...

Never heard back...


Some folks get paid mighty well to 'design' these 'themed'
resorts...but for now, I guess I ain't one-of-'em...

las Vegas

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From: "Catherine White"
Sent: Saturday, September 21, 2002 3:08 PM
Subject: Re: n.y. sculpture.

What was the sculpture in question? Surely not a splatted
body? Or one in
the process of falling.
Catherine AZ

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From: "mel jacobson"
Sent: Saturday, September 21, 2002 2:48 PM
Subject: n.y. sculpture.

> i feel from seeing the image, that it was in bad taste.
> it was not censorship to take it down.
> if one of my friends had jumped from that tower i would
> not want to see that sculpture every day on my way to

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