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form out/glaze out"/"flock out

updated sun 22 sep 02


C.T. Wagoner on sat 21 sep 02

Waggoner, I am sure your "form out" is a practical idea, having just
accomplished the opposite. This week I created a glaze that is
guaranteed to
make any form hideous , radiating toxic ugly for miles. A blue never
in nature with the color and texture of the plastic used in children's
and being crystalline it glitters ! I will gladly supply my recipe so

Please send me your glaze immediately. I have made a form that is
guaranteed to ruin any glaze. When we combine your hideous "form ruining
glaze" with my hideous "glaze ruining form" my feeble understanding of
ZEN tells me that the completed pot may shock us into selling insurance.
Something tells me that George Ohr might love it. (I actually do
appreciate his work)

My M.F.A. prof, Dick Hay, liked to say of some pots or sculptures, "No
glaze will save that thing."

When in doubt...."Flock it"....remember when flocking was big? Back when
I was in undergrad we used to say, "When in doubt, stick it in the salt
kiln, if that doesn't work use flocking." Of course when you studied
where Don Rietz was the head ceramics (U of W 1978) guru salting was not
to be taken lightly.

Porter Wagoner.....err I mean Potter Wagoner
"Does anyone know how to get clay out of a sequin jacket?"