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are you a scientist? .. book recommendation

updated sun 22 sep 02


Catherine White on fri 20 sep 02


My warmest thanks to you for recommending the book, Smithsonian Timelines of
the Ancient World. I went to my favorite book-buyers site,,
entered the title and they had a used copy for $15.00. The condition is
perfect. I'm sitting here enjoying it immensely not only for its wonderful
ceramics, but what an easy way to review history and pre-history. It appears
the Americas and Europe were a tad slow, developmentally compared to the
Near-East and Egypt. And for thousands and thousands of years.

Thank you for a special gift in guiding me to this book.
Catherine in Yuma, AZ

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Sent: Sunday, September 08, 2002 10:22 PM
Subject: Are you a scientist?
> I bought a book > The book..
> Dorling Kindersly,
> "Timelines of the Ancient World,
> a visual cronology from the origins of life to AD 1500"
> by Chris Scarre
> Superb pictoral history of man through his art..
> 80% of the photos are vessels and sculpture.>
> Very much a best buy..
> want to see the similarities of motif and design
> In different times and cultures?
> Bruce
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