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limit space/regional conference

updated sat 21 sep 02


mel jacobson on fri 20 sep 02

if we can get 200 potters from our region, we will be thrilled.

our facility is based on 200.

rooms, dining, kilns, location.

we have a room reserved that will hold 200.
in that way, all can see, can be heard, can

but, best of all, we can all attend all of the
lectures, demos. you will not have to pick and
choose. and interaction, not lecture, being
open and free is going to rule the day.

we are going to have a microphone in the audience.
just step up and ask a question, or make a point.
it is not about experts telling, it is going to be
about potters gathering. sharing. no experts, no gods,
no untouchables. no one will want autographs. and, no
one would want to give them.
we are trying to do it right.
as folks would want.
so, two hundred it is, for the first one.

maybe others can pick up the ball.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
web site:
or try: