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richard's signing off

updated fri 20 sep 02


Joyce Lee on thu 19 sep 02

Richard said:

Well folks, it's been a great eight years on clayart, but it's time to go.
Too much to do in the studio, too much to wade through here on the list.
I'm going to attempt a trial separation. To all of you whom I got to know
here on clayart, please keep in touch when you can. I hope to run into you
somewhere, sometime.
Though I understand the need for a break, I'll miss you, Richard, and the
great chats
we've had about some post or another ... which
then triggered other things that needed to
be said.... and which, in turn, unfailingly furthered my clay education....
and made me
chuckle. At my advanced age, I know
too well that all good things do come
to an end ..... but my hope is that the "trial"
will be all it is ..... a brief respite.

The first CM cover I ever saw was one
with you and your great, huge pots. I was
so impressed ..... still am. And then (with
your permission) I gave your name to
a young, very talented student here in the desert who was
hoping to attend Alfred. She came to
visit you and you were as gracious and
welcoming as I expected. (She did get
to Alfred; graduated, too. What a fine

Good fortune. Come back soon.

In the Mojave