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pottery tools [what do you use)

updated fri 20 sep 02


Alistair Gillies on thu 19 sep 02


Old credit cards - excellent for smoothing a coiled surface etc- much
better than a metal kidney in my.....,

Shropshire, England

message <013301c25f72$0fb18d80$393486d9@oemcomputer>, Pat Southwood
>Maybe not just tools,
>If you have any nearby children, look avoriciously at their playbox, stikkle
>bricks, stamps, textural stuff, .... also try textured wallpaper, in U.K.
>its ok in the D.I.Y. shops to tear off a bit about 30cm long as a test
>Best Wishes
>> I recently took stock and find I use several tools form other trades
>> in my pottery work.
>> I use putty knifes from drywall work and guitar strings and metal
>> strapping for trimmimg tools...
>> One of the coolest tools is a "squeegee" intended to spread bondo
>> type automotive body fillers for paint repair work. They come in
>> various sizes, they are cheap, and when you're emptying a 5 gallon
>> bucket of glaze or slip, they can get out almost every last drop
>> without getting your hands in the slurry!!! (this is especially great
>> when working with stuff you don't want to get on your self)