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fatty white crackle raku glaze - i need advice please

updated fri 20 sep 02


Karin Hurt on wed 18 sep 02

Not long ago we had the "fatty white crackle" discussion. I mixed some at
school last week and today test fired it. On one piece I had some faint
crackling, on the other none, but lots of pin holes, the rest just looked
like a big gob of white.

What might I have done wrong? One thought I had was that I need to thin


Dale Neese on thu 19 sep 02

Nothing, that is they way "Fatty White Crackle" is supposed to look. Thick,
white and "fat". For more crackle, reduce in the post firing can for a
minute from the kiln, bring the pot back out and expose it to the cooler
air. You may be able to hear the glaze start to crackle. Do not blow into a
hot pot. Then hard reduce it again in the can with a few sheets of
Dale Tex