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life changes & my father-in-law

updated sat 21 sep 02


Lee Bedford on tue 17 sep 02

Having read Hank's message about 'seeing his father out of this world
and on to the next' and also Ivor's account of his mother-in-law who as
well has just passed on having spent many years with them albeit a
difficult task, inspires me to appreciate all the more my present studio
mate, my father-in-law and friend, Cy.
September 4th he celebrated his 80th birthday. This is the fourth year
that he's come to visit for a length of time and help me in the studio
and gallery.
I hear his war stories again and again, gladly.
He recants his childhood memories, all with the undertones of him being
the rebel.
He lied about being 19 when he was actually 17 years old and enlisted in
the army, WW2.
In his life as soldier (wounded twice), then housepainter, on to
postmaster and now many years retired, 'been retired 15 years, no, let
me think I guess it's 18 years now' he said recently, he now finds that
the challenge in life is to stay active.

He is thrilled to leave for the studio at 7:30 a.m. with notes stuffed
into the top pocket of his bib overalls listing which glazes need
stirring and chores for the day. A few years back, no matter how much I
insisted one does not use a broom in a pottery studio, he used to sweep
the entire place thinking that if he got it done before I got there
there would be no harm. He now seems to realize that wet mopping is
good, and besides I've tossed the broom.

I enjoy his presence; I treasure these days!

Canyon Creek Pottery
Golden, BC

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Sent: September 17, 2002 11:30 AM
Subject: Site changes & Life Changes

Dear ClayFriends;

Had to drop off the List for three weeks while seeing my
father out of this world and on to the next. He had an interesting
life, with an early setback having survived polio in 1914 as an
infant, writing the music for two high school musicals in which Bill
Inge ('Come back little Sheba', 'Dark at the Top of the Stairs', &
'Picnic') wrote the words, going to Kansas State to learn
aeronautical engineering and going to MIT for a Masters in the same
subject. He designed the wings and tail for the Spruce Goose, same
for the Douglas Skyrocket, and built a wonderful home in Los Angeles
where my mother floated Gardenia blossoms with candles on them in the
pool for my parties in high school. It was nice to see him at peace
after six years of recurring Polio symptoms and illness from being
bed-ridden. So now I am an orphan, and getting used to thinking that
I am 'Next in Line'. Hopefully another 20-30 years of potting first.

Speaking of potting, take another peek at my web site for new
changes. There is a new introductory Tutorials page which links to Tutorials on
the use of Hank's Roller Trimmer & Hank's WireTool for soft
faceting . Soon there will be
a page listing the upcoming workshops I will be presenting, and who
knows what else. I will enjoy catching up on the current threads and
respond if I can help or shed light.

Cheers, Hank in Eugene (and happy to be back there)

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iandol on thu 19 sep 02

Dear Lee Bedford,

cc to Mel.

I do not recall saying Hannah had gone to that great "Rope Walk in the =
Sky". My beloved Mother in Law is still alive and well and well into her =
late "Eighties" as of her letter to us last week. I treasure her as a =
generous person and hope she continues to flourish.

It was Mel who said his Mother in Law had died recently. I pass on my =
condolences to him for he seems to have loved her dearly. Best regards =
on that Mel.

Best regards,