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fallbrook show

updated thu 19 sep 02


Ilene Mahler on wed 18 sep 02

Much to my amazement and wondering eyes part of the exhibition was =
CRYSTALLINE !!!!!!! We almost got thrown out my husband who does all my =
grinding countn't contain himself and was picking up pots to check the =
bottoms and see how they were ground...Howard Costantinos' pots were =
something else and is giving a one day workshop and if I had known I =
would of stayed longer...Does anyone out there have his e-mail so I can =
find out his workshop schedule..also Julie Brooke crystals were shown =
okay but his AH!!!!!!..I liked the soldner Volkos and of cause the pot =
by otto heino he and Vivica gave a great workshop..The display was great =
and there were sales...I wished I had the digital camera with me so if =
allowed I could of shared the exhibit....Now to work no more vacation =
time....The bride and groom like my crystal pieces I gave them for a =
wedding present and I am back to reality..Calif. is a wonderful fanicity =
and I aM back to reality making and glazing crystals pots....Ilene in =