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workshop in hanover, n.h.

updated wed 18 sep 02


Martin A. Arkowitz on tue 17 sep 02

The League of NH Craftsmen in Hanover, NH is delighted to
hosting the following workshop:

Glaze & Clay Body Defects - Cause and Correction

Saturday, Nov. 9, 9am-4pm. 1 session, 7 hrs. Tuition: $100

Jeff Zamek

What can go wrong with clay, glazes, and kiln firing -
everything. At some point every potter will encounter a
clay or
glaze defect. Identifying the problem and knowing how to
the defect will enable you to spend more time making pots
sculpture. What are the problems producing glaze and clay
materials? What are the "guaranteed" reliable materials?
answers and other labor and time saving detailed
information will
be thoroughly explained in this workshop. Whether you're
starting in ceramics or are an advanced professional we
believe you
will gain an increased understanding of ceramic materials
and how
to solve basic clay and gaze faults. If you have every had
a clay
slump warp, crack or a glaze run, craze, crawl, bubble or
you might find this "day with broken pots" useful.

Please call 603 643 5384 or email
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i have been to this workshop and found it to be very
helpful and filled with good info. would love to see some
clayarters come to this!
eleanor arkowitz