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train kiln is a rocket

updated wed 18 sep 02


DeBorah Goletz on tue 17 sep 02

I fired my new toy this past weekend and it's a rocket! (thanks Judith Duff
for the great plans) Reached cone 10 (and beyond) in 15 hours then held it
there for another 19 hours (in pouring rain). Used almost 2 cords of wood -
mostly maple, some lumber cut-offs and ash wood. Salted too. At night, a
bear showed up - smelled the hot dogs my brother-in-law, Tony was cooking in
the ends of the stainless steel grate tubes (took 11 seconds). Tony chased
him away with the water hose - he never did like to share. The tumble stack
in front of the arch fell during the firing so I anticipate many losses, but
I'll figure out how to stack better next time. Bottom line is, it works -
and what a rush! More after I open.
DeBorah Goletz