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updated wed 18 sep 02


Arnold Howard on tue 17 sep 02

--- Wes Rolley wrote:
> Why do kiln manufacturers rate kilns for use at Cone 10 if they
> are not
> capable of sustaining a production workload with firing
> temperatures in
> that range?
> If the major problem is with the elements, what would it do to
> the cost of
> a kiln to provide efficient elements that were capable of
> sustaining
> production firings in that range? Is it only a matter of cost?
There are
> things that I
> like to do which are effective at Cone 6. Some are effective at
> Cone 8.
> There are others that I like to do which are effective at Cone
> 10.
> Wesley C. Rolley

Wes, a common complaint about electric kilns has been that they do
not get hot enough. The complaint is mostly from potters.

The current Paragon kilns we list as cone 10 really can reach that

The Paragon Viking and Dragon series, in particular, are designed
to fire to cone 10 regularly. Because so many potters complained
about insulation, we thickened the walls. The Viking and Dragon
designs are a result of complaints on Clayart from potters such as
Jonathan Kaplan.

If you fire to cone 10, I would suggest getting the optional APM
elements. They are about three times the price of standard
elements, but they are worth it. They do especially well at high

Another suggestion for cone 10 firing: do not let the kiln room get
too hot. It's hard on the kiln wiring. As long as ambient room
temperature is not too high, your kilns should last a long time,
even when taken to cone 10.

With best wishes,

Arnold Howard
Paragon Industries, Inc.

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