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white crackle cone 9 redux.

updated mon 16 sep 02


Alisa Liskin Clausen on sat 14 sep 02

Dear Cor,
I do not know what temp. you are firing, but I found this,
I found this in my notes from Bennington, that was from 1982.

Jane's Super Secret White Crackle Last time I spoke to Jane =
over the net, she said that time everything was a super secret..
45 Neph. Sye
7 Dolomite
15 Talc
5 Talc
20 Silica

Jane (Aebersold), if you are reading, you can maybe give more info.on =
this glaze.
regards from Alisa in Denmark

Timothy Sullivan on sun 15 sep 02

Unless I've got it wrong, it seems to have a fairly low COE for a Crackle
Glaze - wonder what clay was used?

Timothy Sullivan
Creekside Pottery
Marietta, GA