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stoneware possibly used for crackle white glaze

updated mon 16 sep 02


Alisa Liskin Clausen on sun 15 sep 02

Dear Timothy,
All this was happening 20 years ago, so I have only my notes to go by. =
Pretty impressive I have this tiny book=20
after all the places I have been...! A lot of the recipes I can =
remember using, but these are not ringing any bells.
I was only there for 6 months and concentrating more on a heartbreak =
than my work, so that could be the memory

I see 3 stoneware recipes from Bennington's studio. Here they are:

White Stoneware
20 Grollegg
25 Ball Clay
10 Fire clay
25 Custer spar
20 Flint
10 Grog
1 Bentonite

White Stoneware
40 Grolleg
20 Ball=20
20 Gold Art
15 AP Green Missouri
5 Custerspar

McKenzie's Stoneware
100 Cedar Heights Gold Art
100 Ball
100 60 mesh sand, very fine
25 Custerspar

regards from Alisa in Denmark