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re.electric kiln help

updated mon 16 sep 02


Steve Mills on sat 14 sep 02

I agree about re-issuing. It has however, proved VERY difficult to
locate in the UK; during the time we ran a second-hand Ceramics Book
section at our shop only one copy surfaced (which we've kept), and so
far it has also remained elusive on the Library circuit. The Author who
is local to us can't get any copies either.


In message <000901c25a89$67609f00$7d7d38cb@oemcomputer>, iandol
> Dear Steve Mills,
> You say <> option.>> relating to Fourniers book on Electric Kiln construction.
> Well, I picked my copy up for a couple of dollars so there are some
> around. And there is always the local library and interlibrary
> loans. Could be one of those books which might be worth re-issuing.
> Best regards,
> Ivor.

Steve Mills