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paperclay workshop in san jose september 29

updated mon 16 sep 02


Orchard Valley Ceramics Arts Guild on sun 15 sep 02

Upcoming workshop by Saratoga artist, Linda Mau sponsored
by The Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild.

Linda Mau - Paperclay
When: Sunday, September 29th,
(bring a sack lunch)
Where: Claymaker
1240 N. 13th Street
San Jose , CA
Price: $30 for OVCAG members
$40 for non-members
Sign up form:
Questions: e-mail

PAPERCLAY looks and feels like conventional clay, but it has unique properties
which make it highly desirable for sculpture, architectural pieces and
large-scale work. Wet clay can be added directly to dry, it is extremely
strong as greenware, it is excellent for repairs and patching, and it
becomes lighter in weight after firing.

Linda Mau will share her experience using paperclay for armatures,
molding, as well as slab vessels and sculpture in this hands-on workshop.
The class will include demonstrations on how to prepare your own paperclay,
its unique working properties, and how to incorporate steel elements for
unique effects. There will also be demonstrations and hands-on participation
of patina applications as well as smoking techniques.

Those wishing to make their own small batch of paperclay should bring a
bucket, dry clay trimmings or powder, a rubber scraper or kidney and
plastic bag. Also, students are encouraged to bring a piece of bone-dry
greenware and a piece of fired bisque ware for experimentation on
using paper clay for repairs. Those who bring a bisqued pot
preferably with terra sig on it can try the smoking technique.