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clay it forward & mil plates

updated sat 14 sep 02


Joyce Lee on fri 13 sep 02

Karen ..... Alan ..... and the 18 claybuds
who wrote with suggestions for using
Clay It Forward for this Very Special

Change of mind.........

Yes, we can use Clay It Forward for
the Mother-In-Law Plates project. As
one of you said, "it's a natural." If you'd like,
please feel free to make your plans.....
sounds like a good project and fun,=20
too ...... you'll need to settle on how
to distribute the actual funds ----- who decides
who gets what and how ..... I
can help with that, too, if you'd like. That
aspect, however, should be relatively simple.

But, yes, this genetically fated to be
Territorial from Birth right through Ancienthood Unworthy Person
With A Mouth Created To Trip Over Her Big Crooked Feet .... will see =
that the distribution is managed through
Clay It Forward.....

I do suggest that in the spirit of Clay It
Forward, we continue with the dispersal
of clay-related literature, videos, small
supplies etc to individual clayarters who
are temporarily down on their luck ... who need a helping hand for a =
push&pull up their particular mountain=20
of the moment in order to keep their
work going; clayarters who often seem to just
miss when it comes to qualifying for
rewards of any kind, especially financial ones ...... and leave =
and such biggies to other more formal
projects. We have many clayarters=20
who can barely hang on to their love of clay and
dreams of supporting themselves through that love ... claybuds who don't =
have the
finances to buy that one special something
that would spark them ..... get them over
the hump. We're not all retired from some
other field with secure incomes&benefits.
....... or endowed with the good fortune
to have day jobs that provide the same.
Well, don't get me started........

What a dork .... I, not you. Thanks,
claybuds, for allowing me to borrow your broader scopes
to expand my own horizons.... once

In the Mojave

Alan D. Scott on fri 13 sep 02

Joyce: Thanks for your kindness.
Karen: Let's roll! (Feel free to contact me off-list to arrange the