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glaze test for waterfall brown ^6 ox

updated thu 12 sep 02


Marianne Lombardo on wed 11 sep 02

Waterfall Brown from Mastering Glazes book by John Hesselberth/Ron Roy

Cone 6 ox
Slow cooled
Tested on Tucker's MCS and Mid Cal 5

This is the second time I have tried this glaze. This time it came out much
like the photo in the book.

On the MCS claybody, the high spots are lighter and the crystals have a
slightly greenish tint. On Mid Cal 5 claybody the high spots are darker and
the crystals are more honey/tan.

The first time I tried this glaze it was a disaster. This test used the
very same batch, but it has aged for a couple of months. Did that make a
difference? Who knows. All I did was dip the tiles without worry about
getting it thicker on the top.