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glaze test for touchstone red ^6 ox

updated thu 12 sep 02


Marianne Lombardo on wed 11 sep 02

Slow cooled
Tucker's MCS claybody
No pinholes, no crawling
No substitutions
Glossy but satin, feels nice
Applied heavier at the top, much lighter coat near bottom as it runs with
slow cooling
I apply my glazes with a brush so it's easy to control so it doesn't run off
the pot
Many color nuances, dark blues in low areas, mottled lighter honey with a
feathery textured coppery rust brown over top. Very beautiful when the
sunlight comes in the window and shines on it

Touchstone Red ^6 ox
32 Gerstley Borate
30 Flint
20 G200
15 Talc

15 RIO