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glaze test for robin's egg blue ^6 ox

updated thu 12 sep 02


Marianne Lombardo on wed 11 sep 02

Fired to ^6 oxidation
No pinholes
Tiny bit of crawling on the Mid Cal 5 possibly due to "dusty" greenware test
Tested on Tucker's Mid Smooth Stone and Mid Cal 5 claybodies
Attractive medium light blue (not as light as a Robin's egg) with furry
mottling, clear on high spots
Did not run
Stayed glossy in a slow cooled firing
This would be nice on the outside of pots with carving or stamping design
I like the color enough to try testing again on clean bisque and do lemon
slice, freez/boil testing

Robin's Egg Blue
48 Custer Spar
19 Dolomite
9.5 zinc oxide
15 Kaolin
8.5 Flint

0.25 Cob. ox.
1.5 Copper ox.
1.0 Rutile