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bisuqe firing problem (kiln didn't fire hot enough)

updated thu 12 sep 02


Arnold Howard on wed 11 sep 02

Rebecca, did the third and fourth firings take longer than usual?

If they did not take longer than the first two firings, then the
problem may be a faulty thermocouple.

If they took much longer to fire, then the problem may be a burned
out element.

Arnold Howard

--- Rebecca Knight wrote:
> I just unloaded a bisque and the cones did not bend. I'm hoping
> someone can
> help me figure out what's going on. Details below.
> It is a new kiln, bought a few months ago, with a controller.
> I'm using the
> slow bisque program.This was the 4th bisque. The first two fired
> beautifully, top to bottom. In the third bisque firing, the kiln
> had three
> cone packs, none of which had bent cones. The same thing
> happened with
> this firing. The controller registers a top temp of 1737 F (cone
> 08). Cone
> 07 was down in the first two firings. In between each bisque I
> fired a
> glaze load. These get to temp, unevenly, but the cones register
> as they
> should.
> The ware is bisqued, I just don't know to what cone.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks.

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