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web page with cone 6 oxidation test tile photos & some recipes

updated wed 11 sep 02


June Perry on tue 10 sep 02

Well, I finally made a web page for glaze tests,etc. with AOL's "any idiot
can design a web page software"!

The first page is a picture from the front porch of our new house, and the
bottom of the page has a link to the first glaze tiles page. The other glaze
tile pages can be accessed from pages 2 and 3.

For some reason, I haven't been able to add more links to the first page.
I'll figure it out eventually! Also, on my computer, the back arrow won't
take me back a page on these pages. I have to hit the link I want to get
there. Maybe I can figure out that problem as well. I'd appreciate it if
anyone visits the page, if you could write me and let me know if the back
arrow takes you back a page, or if you have the same problem I have, and have
to hit the link to get back to the prior page.

I've been hanging out in AOL's web design member boards to fix some of these

As I mentioned on the pages, the recipes are not all listed, nor is it
implied that there are food safe, craze free, etc. Some are of my own design
for my own amusement and my own purposes, others from Clayart and other
sources; but I thought I'd just put them out there for people to get an idea
of cone 6 oxidation colors, etc.

In time I'll try to get all the recipes up with my assessment notes, etc.