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art v craft & stories of clay (at end)

updated wed 11 sep 02


Jon Faber on tue 10 sep 02

I don't really think I have much to add to what has
been said on this topic but due to an overly positive
view of my views I feel obliged to add my bit.

I am now, and for a long time (forever maybe) have
been an end of the day kinda guy.
When thinking about decisions and such, I think about
the bottom line - the end of the day.

At the end of the day, I love things that take me out
of myself. That is my method of measuring movies.
Hollywood flicks, indie flicks, foreign flicks,
If the movie made me forget that I was in my seat for
a moment, well that is a decent movie. A movie that
takes me along on a ride and makes me forget that I am
in a seat a lot gets a great rating from me.

In the same fashion, I honestly don't give a hoot what
you call my stuff or someone else's stuff.
Do I think that there is a difference between art and
craft? yes.
Do I really care what that difference is?
Do I think that they overlap more than they diverge?

If I see something that tells me a story, than makes
me want to touch it, that makes me want to investigate
it, then i like it. Art, craft or other. I don't much
care what you call it, i just care that I like it,
that it draws me in.

I think that maybe art is when all the pieces
(whatever they may be) come together is such perfect
harmony that the whole is greater than the sum. That
the moment I put together all the pieces and see the
whole and the perfect balance that I have an almost
spiritual epiphany.

That is why i don't think about art or craft.
I make the stuff I like.
I strive for balance, and virtue, and dignity in my
work. I don't think that thinking about where my work
fits in and what other people who are in the same
category can help me in any way.

Should I soberly analyze my work with an eye more
critical than any other?

should I thoroughly assess the different art and craft
markets and decide where would be the best place to
sell my stuff?
only a fool would do otherwise.

is the difference between art and craft interesting to
think about?
most certainly so - i think particularly because they
may be more the same than they are different.

can analyzing the difference between art and craft
help my work?
I don't see how it could.

I feel blessed to have found clay.
I have worked in other mediums and I have no idea why
but clay just bites.

There was a time when I had not put my hands on clay
for some time.
After about 3 minutes of working I looked up and
thought to myself "I love making things with clay".

That is what I think about when I wake up.

There is a good thread - tell your story of clay.

I think that there si some agreement on this next
at the end of the day - Good work is good work.
Great craft is a work of art.
I don't see how someone could make great art without
having the skill of a craftsman.

Do the two have different thoughts about their work
and others work and have different personality?

stop me before I drown in my own ranting, ravings, and

P.S. I apologize if some or most of this makes little
to no sense. I generally try to read over my stuff to
take out the extrainious crap that seem essential at
the time but clearly is not upon a second reading.
However, i gotta make some pots.

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