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updated mon 9 sep 02


claire toutant on sat 7 sep 02

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I've been using paper clay for the past several
years for my thrown plates,vases and bowls to which I sprig various sculptural
parts. I use the white cone ten commercialy available type. The paper clay
throws a lot likeporcelain, and has helped tremendously with drying cracks
that I used to get.I still dry my 18-20 inch plates over 6 weeks, however, but
now I rarely endup with any cracks at that point before bisquing. I've been
doing this style of work for about 10 years, and have had tremendous
difficulty in finding aclay body that would take the strain. Paper clay has
solved a bunch of the problems. It also fires well as long as I bisque slowly
up and down. It takes glazes well and they turn out similarly to white
stoneware colors.Trimming is difficult but I found that the wood shaver made
by sure form works well for at least thick areas and has replacable blades.
Patricia Dailey