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work from home ~ good, easy money

updated sun 8 sep 02


workfromhome6@YAHOO.COM on sat 7 sep 02

Hello, and I hope you are doing well! I want to share a legit stay-at-home income I've found, since I know they are few and far between.

I love staying at home with my 17 month old son, and 3 year old daughter! With a new baby coming in September, we are a very busy household as you can imagine. The MommyCash Newsletter has been perfect work for me ~ my job is so flexible, I can work around my own schedule which is a MUST with little ones around! After all the scams, MLM, and pyramids I've sifted through this is something I can feel good about doing.

I have only been working with the Newsletter now for about 11 weeks. I have made approx. $3300 so far, and haven't even had a whole lot of time to devote to it, maybe 14 hrs. a week. It is very simple, and I will personally help you every step of the way with ANY questions you have. I look forward to hopefully working with you!

I've also copied one of my Paypal payment receipts from Mommycash below so you can see the kind of money I've been making lately. I get some type of payment almost every day (sometimes $30, sometimes $90, or more, depending on how much work I've done). If I can do it so can you!! It is VERY simple.

The MommyCash Newsletter is rapidly expanding! We are looking for moms who want to work from home for both part-time and full-time pay. Work around your own schedule. No experience is needed! We will train but you must have a computer that has online access. No selling required. All work is done from home.

You must put code 37368 in the subject line when you reply, and if you do decide to join, make sure you put 37368 in the refferal or code number line.

If you are interested feel free to reply to me at (sometimes my yahoo email is out of commission). I will be more than happy to send you some more information. Any and all questions are welcome! =)



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