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fw: tony winchester----potter/sculptor workshop in duluth,

updated sat 7 sep 02


Tony Ferguson on fri 6 sep 02

MN 2-days Sept. 20-21

Workshop, Duluth, MN
September 19th, Potluck 6:30, Free Slide Show 8:00p.m.
September 20, Workshop Day 1 9:00-5:00
September 21, Workshop Day 2 10:00-5:00

Day 1 will include demonstrations of throwing the 'parts', his faceting=20
techniques on both vertical pots and plates/bowls, and using slip=20

Day 2 will cover altering & assembling the parts, pulling handles, and =
finishing touches. He will also discuss his glazing techniques, which =
the airbrush to layer glazes.

Tony Winchester was recently featured in Ceramics Monthly November 2001

Tony Winchester is a potter/sculptor with a bronze sculpture background =
and so treats his
pottery in very unusual and exciting ways such as faceting, sculptural
manipulation of wheel thrown work, and putting together different=20
forms to create his work. This will be an excellent opportunity for =
who attend the workshop to broaden one's developmental possibilities=20
with pottery & ceramic sculpture as well as enjoy a very creative and =
dynamic personality. =20

Tony Winchester's current work reflects his philosophy of pottery's 3 =
shapes: the cylinder, the sphere & the platter. By combining these 3 in=20
differing proportions, Tony will come up with a wide variety of =
and sculptural forms.

You can see workshop information at:

and his website to learn more about his work:

ArtSpace Performance Space, 2nd floor
315 N. Lake Ave.
Duluth, MN 55806
Call 218-727-6339 for details and pre-registration
Or email

Cost: $75 for the 2 day workshop or $50 day. =20
Students may inquire about scholarships or work-study or half price.
Colleges or universities may inquire about group rates. This workshop =
is underwritten=20
by a private party and has thus allowed the reduction of the workshop =

Thank you.

Tony Ferguson
Stoneware, Porcelain, Raku
315 N. Lake Ave
Apt 312
Duluth, MN 55806