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wisconsin pit fire party

updated fri 6 sep 02


Mondloch on thu 5 sep 02

Hey! Potters and students- join us for a free...
Pit Fire Party
Sylvia and Mark Mondloch
Silver Creek Pottery and Forge
W6725 Hwy 144
Random Lake WI

Saturday Oct.26 =20

Bring your bisque fired pots to load into the pit. We will have the pit, =
wood and sawdust. Also salt and copper carb, but feel free to bring =
anything else you may want to add around your ware.
Light the pit and eat- bring a dish to pass.=20

Sunday Oct 27

10 am
Unload the pit and wax your pots if desired (we'll have the wax)=20
Pancake breakfast with us.

This is only my second pit fire. Although the first one went very well, =
please understand that there's a potential high loss rate with pit =
firing so, let's have fun with it and not get too hung up on results! If =
conditions are very dry (fire hazard) or Saturday's weather is really =
nasty, we'll have to postpone. Call us if in doubt.

For more background info on pit firing visit =20