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cone 10 redux to cone 6 ox

updated fri 6 sep 02


June Perry on wed 4 sep 02


I don't have the book. I really enjoy designing glazes and playing around
with glaze chemistry and even enjoy these little challenges! :-)
It won't take me long to tweek that clear. I think it will be a pretty easy
fix. I just have to wait until I can get some studio time, which may not be
for a while.
Time to get back to battening down the hatches with the tropical storm
Edouard breathing down our neck! Hope other Florida members are high or at
least dry!


Linda R. Hughes on wed 4 sep 02

Have you tried any of the low expansion glazes in the Michael Bailey =
book: Glazes cone 6 ? In that book he shares some glazes using low =
expansion frits, boy does that ever help with the crazing. Especially =
when one is used to working with stoneware and decides to make the =
switch to porcelain. What a difference !!!!!! I have been using Ferro =
Frit 3249, and have come up with a number of good bases. He does list =
some others so you can choose the one carried by the suppliers in your =
Now it is time to play with those colorants and opacifiers to see what =
kind of fun we can have. =20
Good luck to you, Linda
Linda R. Hughes