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credit cards and digital pics

updated wed 4 sep 02


Earth and Fire Pottery on tue 3 sep 02

Hi there-

A few months ago someone posted the name of a
company in the midwest who does slides from digital
images, a company they were happy with. Could someone
send that again please?
Also, several times the name of a credit card
machine service was mentioned, again one that seemed
to be reputable. Would folks who work with these and
are happy with their suppliers please contact me with
those names.
I printed these out when they came along, but
durned if I can find them.

Gregg Allen Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
Whispering Pines Ca 95426

Where it is still burning hot, 100 degrees with some
rain at last forcast for the end of the week. And
where my hearing is returning after watching Forigner
and the Doobie Bros. from the front row, (the
advantage of working in Radio part time), in one of
the loudest concerts I have heard since Paul
Butterfield in 1970. Don't call for a few days, cuz I
still won't be able to hear you. (For those of you who
are Doobies fans, Mike Hossack says he's alright, and
in fact, played drums at the show).

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