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: low fire glazes and crazing

updated wed 4 sep 02


iandol on mon 2 sep 02

Dear Chris Schafale,

This is where you need to consider Frits. Greg Daly has a good idea. =
Start of by placing one gram sample blobs of all the available frits on =
which you can lay your hands on a bisque tile of the clay you intend =
using. Place this in the kiln sloping at a steep angle, 65/75 degrees. =
Fire this to the temperature you intend using and note which of the =
samples give the best fusion and the extent to which they craze. Discard =
those which run excessively or do not fuse well.

Line blend the remainder with (a) your body clay and (b) a good felspar =
and fire your samples on your chosen clay at your chosen temperature

Then review the situation and start asking questions to solve the =
crazing problem if there is one. You should get something useful from =
this exercise.

Have FUN.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.