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recommended reading for beginners

updated tue 3 sep 02


Eleanor on mon 2 sep 02

Charles Counts: Pottery Workshop
Robert Piepenburg: The Spirit of Clay
Susan Peterson: The Craft and Art of Clay

I imagine the Counts book is out of print; my copy is around 30 years
old. I picked it up at a Friends of the (public) Library Used
Bookstall for 50 cents.
All three books are full of photos and easy to read and and
understand instructions and tips on how to pot. Aesthetics and
philosophy too, but you get a lot of that just reading Clayart. A
beginner needs to learn the craft; IMO aesthetics and philosophy will
grow with the learning process.

I strongly second Joyce Lee and Martin Rice's recommendation of Vince
Pitelka: Clay, A studio Handbook. It has everything from studio
set-up to clays to throwing and handbuilding to decorating to glazing
to firing to selling.

I have read, leafed through and/or bought many of the books already
recommended. All are valuable but unless you have a lot of money, you
can't buy them all. But if you have access to an interlibrary loan
system, they can get the books for you. The bookstores have them too,
especially before Christmas (D. Rush Tucker take note!) and, with a
cup of something, you can look them over and decide to buy what grabs

Discounts are available on the internet. And there are dealers who
specialize in out of print books.

Hoping this helps,

Eleanor Kohler, just a dabbler but I keep trying
Centerport, NY