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copper red cone 10

updated tue 3 sep 02


Ingeborg Foco on mon 2 sep 02

Does anyone know if a hot and humid climate interferes with the =
formation of copper reds?

Since moving to SW Florida, a hot and steamy place this time of the =
year, I have had very disappointing results with copper reds. Normally =
I have good results since I own an oxi probe. However, since moving =
here the reds are elusive and spotty at best. =20

I have natural draft, low pressure venturi compound mixers. The kiln =
atmosphere is cloudy (to the point of making cone reading very =
difficult) All three peeps spout long and strong orange flame and the =
oxi probe is in the range for reduction. My fuel consumption has =
increased quite a bit even though the dragon is reassembled exactly the =
same. I get partial reds here and there but nothing like I am used to. =
Is it the weather or is it the Potter?

Thanks for any insight.


the Potter's Workshop
St. James City, FL =20