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ceramics monthly handbooks

updated tue 3 sep 02


Lily Krakowski on mon 2 sep 02

They are lovely and price worthy, and gimmick free, and as far as i know
they are still in print.

There is one on throwing, which I have never seen, one by F. Carlton Ball on
decorating, which I have seen and like a lot, Richard Behrens's Glaze
projects, without which i would not be, another by RB on Ceramic Glazemaking
which I have seen, but do not own, and two by Marc Bellaire on underglaze
and brush decoration.

I do not know the copyright date on any of these. So, again and once more,
they should be "combined" with recent books/info on studio safety. They are
excellent books, and cheap, and I recommend them a lot.

Catherine White writes:

> Are there Ceramics Monthly handbooks besides the two Potter's Tips ones?
> And, yes, the older pottery books sell at astronomical prices used!
> Catherine in Yuma, AZ
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> Sent: Monday, September 02, 2002 4:28 AM
> Subject: FIVE BOOKS
>> As I was making my list of five books I checked the second hand sites for
>> EMMANUEL COOPER'S ELECTRIC KILN POTTERY a wonderful book for us electric
>> kiln potters. I nearly fainted at the price! This on the
> second-hand/used
>> market! Lucky me owns the book (which I now will guard with my life!), it
>> is not an "art book" though very prettily done, but $50 and up?
>> The Ceramics Monthly handbooks are invaluable, and Questions Potters Ask
>> I and II a treasure. >
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