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rusty bronze and other bailey's cone 6 recipes

updated mon 2 sep 02


Judy Musicant on sun 1 sep 02


Thanks for the tips on firing these glazes. You're right that they like to be fast cooled.

Why do you say these glazes are not food safe? Have you had them tested for leaching toxic substances? Or do you mean they are not durable? If they are not durable, wouldn't they discolor using the vinegar test, and in the dishwaher, over time? I've done the vinegar test on pieces with these glazes, and had them in the dishwasher dozens of times with no adverse effects. They've also passed the freeze and boil tests. I plan to send them to Alfred for leach testing next. But normally, if they were leaching unacceptable levels of something, in this case lithium, I guess, wouldn't that show up in how the glaze looks over time?