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price for venco?

updated mon 2 sep 02


C.T. Wagoner on sun 1 sep 02

I am selling a Venco 4" De-airing pugmill in good condition.

Would someone give me a rough idea what is reasonable price to ask?

Thank you to the people on the list that wrote me about their
experiences and stories about Richard Peeler. He sure did touch a lot of
people and there is not doubt that he was a POTTER.

Gotta go make pots....demonstration starts in 30 minutes.

Chuck Wagoner
Billie Creek Potter

Donn Buchfinck on sun 1 sep 02

the venco question is a good one.

there are several things to look at when thinking about selling one,
like a car it has the value that you paid for and the depreciation,
but unlike a car it realy doesn't depreciate very much if at all.
is it a new modle,
why are you selling it??
I love my small pug mill and I find I make work faster and better knowing I
don't have to spend so much time reprocessing clay.
Other questions are, do you need the money right away, or do you know someone
you can do a good deal with a a kind srvice to them, I find this happening
all the time. We all need to help each other.
does it run well,
does it still deair??

I would take the price you paid for it and sell it at that,
these things rarley go bad,
start at that price then haggle.
someone will want this item,
or offer it for a third off,
that is a great deal
where are you???

Donn Buchfinck