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books for beginners

updated mon 2 sep 02


Joyce Lee on sun 1 sep 02

We're speaking of beginners. In my library, these books are the ones =
that are the most well-thumbed with bookmarks sticking out
everywhere. However, I emphasize
that my videotape library
has been, and is, valuable to my
movement up the learning curve as well.
Clayart, of course, is my most used

1) Robin Hopper's "Functional Pottery:
Form and Aesthetics in Pots of=20
2) Pitelka's "Clay: A Studio Handbook"
3) "Ceramics: A Potter's Handbook"
by Glenn C. Nelson
4) "Warren MacKenzie, An American
Potter" by David Lewis
5) Hamer&Hamer's "The Potter's

If the beginner desires to move immediately into mixing his own
glazes, which is what I did and I've
never regretted it, below are my
most used books. My choices were
^10 reduction glazes. If they'd
included ^6, then there'd be several
other books mentioned.

1) Mimi Obstler's "Out of the Earth
Into the Fire." =20
2) "Chinese Stoneware Glazes" by
Joseph Grebanier
3) Robin Hopper's "The Ceramic

My most read specialty books are:

1) Steve Branfman's "Raku: A Practical
2) Diana Pancioli's and Darryl Baird's extruder
books - they're both in the studio
at the moment but you'll find them
advertised in the clay pubs and in
supply houses.

I understand that Bernard Leach is
revered and rightfully so, but for me
his "A Potter's Book" was appreciated mostly
for historical value.

I have a philosophical book that I
dearly love and can never find for
it lives in every room of the house.
I think it's titled, "The Unknown Potter"
When I find it, I'll give the proper
title and the author.

In the Mojave where the sounds entering
the open window are the roadrunner
clucking and mewing in the one big
tree.... an elm ..... the westie tapping
across the tile looking for something to
take apart ... #1 Support Person watching
"Meet the Press" and National Geographic
channel simultaneously (soon to be
replaced by football) ... Pat's cannon
going off at 15 minute intervals hoping to
scare off the ravens from her 20 acres
of pistachio trees almost ready to be
harvested ... hum, clackety of swamp
cooler.......... the quiet of the desert......