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5 ceramic books for beginners

updated mon 2 sep 02


June Perry on sun 1 sep 02

For a beginner, some of the books I would recommend are:

"Clay and Glazes" Daniel Rhodes (good basic understanding or clay and glaze
materials, some glaze chemistry, pictures, etc.)
"Pioneer Pottery" Michael Cardew (a little treasure of a book)
"Ceramic Spectrum" Robin Hopper (some easy to play with glaze information)
"The Craft and Art of Clay" Susan Peterson (good pictures, good glaze test
pictures showing what the materials do, broad spectrum of information on
pottery related activities,etc.
"Using the Potters Wheel" Doug Campbell (for someone interested in throwing.
There are newer ones out there that may be as good or better.)
Zakins current book on Electric Kiln Ceramics if the beginner is going to be
firing oxidation. The glazes in the first book are a bit lacking as far as
durability, safety, but the color photos and the glazing information gives an
idea of what you can do with oxidation glazes.

The softcover Ceramics Monthly "how to" books give techniques and project
ideas and may be good for a beginner.

Our local library has a pretty good collection or older and newer ceramic
instruction books. You can check out your local library computer to find out
what is available there and through the library sharing program. I know that
some, if not all libraries, will let your order the book from a participating
library and have it delivered to your local library.
College and university libraries usually have a more extensive collection.