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randy's red and other ^6 m. bailey glazes

updated sun 1 sep 02


Sandy Miller on sat 31 aug 02

The glazes in the Bailey book, rusty bronze and light green are not food =
safe. I have used them on the outside of non functional ware and I like =
the rusty bronze, it has a tendency to pinhole and run. I found if I =
cut back on the lithium it helped alot. I also changed my lithium =
supplier. Not all lithium is created equally...... The light green I =
have not had any trouble with. I also found out this glaze does not =
like to be soaked, at all, seems to promote bubbles and pinholes. Where =
this glaze is thick it turns glossy, thin goes black to green matt. =
Seems to do much better on small pieces than very large. I did not =
discard this glaze but you do need to fool around with it. Good luck.
Sandy Miller