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mfa's/craft fairs/studio sales(long)

updated fri 30 aug 02


Steve Dalton on wed 28 aug 02


This is going to be all my own opinion. I'm writting about several threads
that have been going across...back and forth.

I don't have a MFA, I don't even have a BFA. All I have in the way of
degrees are, an AAS in Fine Art and an ATS in Automotive Technology. I can
throw pots, paint a picture, tune an engine and rebuild the brakes on my
truck. You know what, I'm doing pretty good. I don't plan on teaching at a
University...right now though, I am teaching one night a week at a college.
I like doing this, mainly because I can get out of the studio. I drive
about 45 minutes from the country to Seattle.

I like them purdy lights!!!

When I went to school for pottery, I knew what I wanted to do...production.
I learned the basics and my teacher even had me firing the kilns for him.
After I left, I went through and taught myself alot. I taught myself how to
fire a wood kiln, pull handles and building a kiln. Sure, I've had some set
backs but isn't that expected. I feel I've learned more in the last 9 years
than what a piece of paper might say I do.

Craft Fairs...Yes, many of them are dieing! For several years, I attended
as a vendor a fairly decent sale. I decided not to do it this year, all
because the promoters raised the booth fee...again. After the sale, I heard
from several vendors that this year's sale was horrible. Hardly any
customers and vendors.

There are some out there that are good, but I decided that my goal is to set
up my own showroom. I'm tired of being the gypsy potter. Packing and
unpacking my truck. The deadlines and the added stress of making sure I
have enough pots! Sure, I need a larger mailing list but I'll get there.

I've always heard...location location location. Well, I live about 15
minutes from 3 towns and about 30 minutes from 2 medium sized cities.
Steve Dalton
Clear Creek Pottery
Snohomish, Wa