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updated thu 29 aug 02


mel jacobson on wed 28 aug 02

we have a wonderful clayarter that sells almost any
book you want that has `clay` in the title.

axner sells every clay book that exists.
even repro books from years back.
no lack of books. just order, they come
to your house or studio.
then read.

if any of you read 125 clay books, memorize them,
do what they say....send me certificate of reading,
and my wife will calligraph you an MFA diploma.
it won't be worth a damn, but, at least you will have it.
i really do have the most delightful certificate
from mr. uchida.

`the standard study of japanese ceramics
has been completed by: Melsan`
signed K. Uchida.
it only means something to me.
it is mine.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
web site:
or try: