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mfa/horses and cows

updated thu 29 aug 02


mel jacobson on wed 28 aug 02

remember, when speaking of getting an mfa, don't
confuse potter, teacher, artist, sculptor.

these are all different folks. different tasks.

you cannot teach college any longer without that
advanced degree....and, the jobs are few and far
between. MFA=TEACHING.

one does not need the mfa to be a potter. and a good
potter or great potter can come out of the apprentice system.
or, just self taught.

when mackenzie got his job at the univ. of minnesota
it was 1955 and few colleges had clay programs.
it was almost unheard of. in fact, in 1955 most
art programs where in their infancy.

now, there are thousands of clay programs.
some good, some great, some lousy.

just remember, make the goal, and make sure you know what you want.
what is it going to be?

if you want to be a potter, full time...make art...often
the mfa is a waste of your training fact,
most departments frown on throwing....some embrace
it, and some great departments embrace it...but, not so
many. the selection is critical.

what i cannot understand, and i see it often, is a person
that gets into an advanced degree program in art, and
does not appreciate it, or does not work one's butt off.
it is not a time for play, it is bloody hard work, but it is
work that is `for`the individual. i hear it about four times
a year...`oh, they make me do stuff i don't want to do,
i refuse to do it`.
hmmm, why are they there?

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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