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workshops in tuscany

updated fri 4 apr 03


Connie Stockdale on tue 27 aug 02

Hello Clayart;

I am a studio potter in Atlanta who, with another potter friend,
organized a class in Tuscany last May. Ellen Shankin was our
instructor--wonderful teacher, great potter, genuinely nice person! It was
a good time and great learning experience.

We are going back again this spring--April, 28-May 9, 2003--with Steven
Hill as instructor for a two week single fire workshop. The facility, La
Meridiana Ceramiche, is great, the gourmet lunches are fantastic, and the
surroundings are indescribably lovely. (Marcia Selsor can back me up on
these superlatives as she teaches there every year)

In fall 2003--October 13th-October 24th--Ron Meyers will be our
intructor at the same facility. Ron will bring his inimitable pottery style
and wonderful teaching skills to the study of majolica.

For information, please email Lynne Burke at or
Connie Stockdale at or see our website at

P.S. I have been a subscriber for about a year and have profited
enormously from the information you guys are so generous with. Thanks,

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Connie Stockdale on thu 3 apr 03

Chris Staley has just been scheduled for a two week workshop in Tuscany, May
31-June 11, 2004. Some of you may have met Pietro Maddalena at his booth at
NCECA. He is the owner of La Meridiana Pottery in Certaldo, Italy where the
workshop will be housed. We are also registering participants in Ron Meyers
workshop at the same facility, October 13-October 24, 2003.

You can see the beautiful hill towns of Volterra and San Gimignano from the
La Meridiana terrace in the Tuscan wine region. The pottery facility is
excellent and is housed in a renovated 14th century farm house. Christina,
the lunch chef, is an artist whose meals are worth a trip on their own, but
they are only one of a number of great memories gained from these workshops.
Contact us at (404) 261-0431, email us at, visit our web
site at

Connie Stockdale, Pottery Abroad, LLC

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