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saddleback college class for marketing your fine art for sculptors,

updated tue 27 aug 02


Craig Fulladosa on mon 26 aug 02

Ceramists, a

My dad brought this to my attention. I plan on checking it out. I was a
teacher for 15 years and now am going into the clay as an artist full time.
I think this is a class they should have as a requirement when getting my
BA. As long as the course has some real practical stuff the $69 will be a
good investment. If you are in Southern Cal nearby hope to see you there.

this is the website

Discover the secrets of marketing your fine art and how to manage your
career successfully and lucratively. Topics include: how to achieve your
creating an image
developing a five year plan to reach and accomplish your goals
what sells and why
how to price your work for different markets
getting to be one of the art "in" crowd * meeting the right people to create
relationships that will further your career and expand your connections
how to evaluate and choose the right gallery - then how to work with
galleries, dealers, and consultants
contracts (what needs to be included) to protect yourself and your work
museums - getting a foot in the door
unusual places to market your art
learn about wholesalers, representatives, collectors, and the pros and cons
of the Internet
breaking into the print market
copyrights. Plus, learn the importance of record keeping and the forms that
will allow you to keep track of not only your art work in galleries,
museums, shows, exhibits, and those who represent you, but also your current
and potential clients, sales, and expenses. Finally, you will learn how to
follow up after the sale to turn your buyer into a "collector" of your work.

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